New titel page for the book!

Today I’ve been thinking and sketching and drawing on a new cover for my book.

The one I had before was more of a general Fridas diary-cover and since this first book (yes, first of three… I’m thinking of making it a trilogy: The Chronicles of Frida! ahm…what was that? My head? It grew bigger you say? That’s strange…) will be concentrating on my first years as a model, I wanted something special for that.

I wanted Nina/me to look model-sexy, but still scared and uncomfortable like I was when I was 14.

Gunnar said it would be good to have the word model in the title, so I’m trying out Modelljakten (Model search). 

I would like the title to look like a neon Motel sign, so it should be a bit more bulging than this and maybe with a bit of a glow.

Can’t really say why I want it like that, just that I like Motel signs I guess…

And the colour is smooth wine red (maybe brownish), ’cause thats the way it has to be.

It’s just the colour of this story.

It’s also close to the colour I’ve been using for most of my blog entrys about this book.

I don’t think it could be any other way really…  

Ny titelsida med färg

I will be darkening the wall behind her so she stands out more. And is it just me, or are her ankles just a liiiitle bit to slim? hehe… But all that can wait.

*deep sigh*

 What a good days work, Friedchen.

Now I can finally let myself go home! This was my raison d’etre today. Hope you had one too.

God bless you, everyone!


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