Sloooowly getting there…




Haha, the trees look like some kind of disease! Or like some sort of seaweed perhaps… Not like trees anyhow… asch, they look allright.

Question: Why am I so slow?

Answer: I need to eat and sleep.

Fruit salad is not breakfast. If you add granola and some yoghurt, then you have a dish that could pass as breakfast. But only fruit, no. That’s a No.

The first year students at Comic Art School just doesn’t have the concept of friday-breakfast down yet… I can’t wait for it to be my turn to arrange it! I’m gonna represent! Show em how it’s done! YeahYeahYeah, chickettycheck it out, Fabulous Frikkin Frida, DJ trippel eFF – in tha house!

If I was a DJ that would be my name. DJ trippel eFF.

I’ve noticed that these youngsters of today often miss-spell consciously like that. Instead of writing triple F, it’s trippel eFF. Or if you wish to write the word cousin (or the word because), it’s suffices to just write cuz.

I’ve heard kids on tv say aks instead of ask when reffering to questioning too. That makes me think of the swedish phenomenon where people say ressichör instead of regissör.

 Why do they do that? Is it easyer to say ressichör?


Oh darn… I have a headache. Have to sleep now so I have energy for the release party tonight.  If you want to join me for a beer and the celebration of Åsa Ekströms book, Sayonara September, be at Debaser Malmö sometime between 20 and 22.  C ya there babes! It’ll be awesome for sure!


6 thoughts on “Sloooowly getting there…

  1. Det är good att man har bloggar så man kan se vad klassfolket har för sig, man klampar ju inte in i varandras ateljéer och tjuvkikar… XD
    Vilket helvete att rita den där staden, but it’s looking good! =D

    Och ja, snälla ordna en riktig fredagsfika… Jag saknar det… T-T

    • Eller hur, man skulle ju inte gå in i andras ateljéer när de inte är där… ehhh… eller? hehe 😉

      Ja, det lär ta sin lilla tid med alla takpaneler och fönster *phu*, arbeit arbeit arbeit… tur att det är så roligt att rita i alla fall.

      Lätt att det ska bli fredagsfika a la the good ol’ days! Detta skall styras opp med besked!

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