Work in progress

I showed you the rough sketches for this comic the other day.

Now you can see a little more of what it’s actually gonna look like when it’s finished.

Of course I have a lot of static work ahead of me before it’s done. All those roof tiles on pg 3… ay ay ay, caramba.

Manisk i Nytan Sid 1





This comic and two others will be printed in “My Stockholm diary nmbr 2”. I have some sketches and half finished pages for one more story, but I need to have at least three comics to make it a complete fanzine. So it’s back to the drawing table for me. And yes yes, of course there will be dirty sexy filt in the other stories. I’m no neat little Catholic schoolgirl you know… hah! I don’t really think Catholic schoolgirls are that neat and innocent though. A quick search on google images and you get a lot of dirty Catholic schoolgirls


Oh yeah! And some good news! I decided yesterday that I’ll be going to Angoulême in Januari for the big International Comic festival. Vive la France!


2 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. Åh, jag vill också åka till Angouleme! Och köpa en sån där skoluniform. De har väl det i Frankrike? Måste bara få ett resestipendium eller nåt först.

    • Loka! Vad fint det skulle vara att få hänga med dig i La France! ❤ Vi kunde sitta på ngn liten bistro och äta sniglar och dricka rödvin och prata om liiivet… ^_^
      …eller jag kan äta sniglar i alla fall, du måste inte om du inte vill. 😉

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