Som ett brev på posten kom ett brev på posten! YES!

Söndagsbarn is a strip-comic.

It is funny and if you know the people who are portraid in it, it is even funnier!

This morning I recieved their fanzine in my post-box. I was supposed to rush off to school, but I made the ultimate mistake of opening the first page of this luxurious collection of funnies… Silly silly Frida, now I couldn’t put it down and ended up being late for school.

So, what’s my conclusion after reading this fest of laughter? Well, formost, that me and Rut have the same taste in men, hähä…

But she’s obviously smarter and funnier than me. doh

Weeell, c’est la vie. We can’t all have it all, as they say.

Somebody has to be that kid who buys gifts and candy for the cool gang to get to hang out with them. Somebody has to be Jerry (from De tre vännerna…och Jerry), and I have no problem with being that kid.

 So… who want’s cinnamon buns? hm?

Ooooh, you like cupcakes better.

ahhhm… well, I just remembered that I was on my way to the store anyway to BUY cupcakes, so if you just wait a while… (can I please you? please let me please you! pleeeease).


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