Child-Frida poetry (last page of my first ‘zine)

This is the last page of the poetry-booklet I made as a child.

It’s kind of funny when you think about the fact that I’m “back where I started”, creating my own home-made booklets again…

How far have I come since then? Well, I spell better nowadays. And I draw a little better too.

But other than that, not much has changed. I’ve allways been trying to create something personal and exclusive. Handmade with that extra special touch… Be it hand-sewn spines or some glitter glued on to the cover, but it’s allways been and allways will be The Art of Frida. 😉




1) Interior 

(it’s supposed to say “Introduction” there, but I mixed up the words in swedish…they are very similar and I was only a child!)

2) The Pygmies

3) The sea

5) Christmas 

7) A cat in solitude

9) Believe in yourself

11) Alone


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