child-Frida poetry pt 6

I just re-watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Then me and Lisa (my sweet and lovely roomie) had a bit of a girl talk.

She’s an interesting person.

I really enjoy talking to her.

Is this my life? Will it allways be like this? Changing places, meeting new people, finding that I really like them, letting myself feel comfortable and safe with them.

And then leaving.

It’s like in that film we saw tonight.

Things change, but I’m allways gonna be the same. Can’t really move away from who I am.

I’m allways gonna fall in love with the same man over and over again. Even if they’re all completely different from each other, they’re still… the same… hm.

Allways gonna hang out with the same kind of cool girlfriends over and over again too, allways gonna lean against the same kind of sweet guy-friends.   

Maybe I’ll allways end up leaving it all too. Just to prove again and again that I can recreate myself.


This poem is about being alone.

Ensam sid 11


Alone with the sea

Alone with the wind

Alone with the tear from the gloss of my eye

It sweeps through the loneliness like a breeze

It shines in the glaze of sadness like a sea

Why am I destined to be alone

och så har jag tecknat tåren så klart.

Ensam sid 12


2 thoughts on “child-Frida poetry pt 6

  1. Känner igen tankarna om att skapa sig ett nytt sammanhang men samtidigt är det så familjärt, sen drar man vidare och upprepar sig, rewind – repeat. Hoppas det är bra med dig iaf F!

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