child-Frida poetry pt 5

I’ve allways had something of a preacher in me. I think that’s one of the reasons why I want to be  teacher. Because I know they’ll have to listen to me. And I know I carry sooo much wisdom in me… ehh… hehe…  

Well, if you doubt me,  just listen to this poem and you’ll surely find it being helpfull in your everyday life! 😀

Tro på dig sjelv sid 9

 Believe in yourself

There is a light in every human

There is hope for those who want it

 If you are in trouble

BELIEVE in yourself and you’ll see that it works out.

Tro på dig sjelv sid 10

Text in illustration: Do you want a cookie? (believe in myself)

This is actually my favourite illustration of this poetry-collection.

I love that fact that I wasn’t afraid to take on such a troublesome and difficult motif as a dragon.

Today I would probably chicken out and try to find some other symbol to represent the frights of this complex life.

Back then I was fearless… I was superman… I was the total awesomeness! 😀 (obs: this link is a direct flirt with Mikael Sol)


3 thoughts on “child-Frida poetry pt 5

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