child-Fridas poems pt 3

Good news today! I found that the wonderfully charismatic Andersson-siblings, Harry unt Rut, had linked me from their blog! They are sooo awesome! If you haven’t seen their stripSöndagsbarn” (right now in Svenskan) you should totally get with the program already. 😉

I first saw their comic on facebook, where they had tagged a bunch of swedish comic creators in a spoof-strip on Mikael Sols book “Till alla jag legat med“. I laughed when I read it and from that moment on my love for’em has only grown stronger. ^_^

More good news! I just logged on to facebook and had recieved a message from Mia about a possible job-offer here in Malmö for next year as a teacher. Full time. That would be… amazing. I mean, teaching… I love to teach.  LOVE! I really hope it works out. 😀

And now, the continuation of my childhood poetry (translation below):

Jul! sid 5


She brings spruce tree and white blankets that she lays out everywhere she goes.

Chiming bells she strews out everwhere she stands. (“She goes” and “She stands” rhymes in Swedish)

Her name is actually Christmas!


Jul! sid 6

Only a couple of months left now… mmm, snow… cold cold snow… can’t wait! ^_^


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