I was a poet of sorts…

At my moms 50th birthday party one of my aunts had brought a booklet with my collected poems which I had made for her first wedding as a gift. This was probably 16 years ago. 

I must have been 8 or 9 years old at the time and when I read it now I was struck by how much of my personality shows even at that early age. I was obsessed with writing my name everywhere. Had that pressing need to be seen and heard. On every book in our bookshelf, you could find my name written somewhere. And that’s still true about me today (why else would the Frida be bloging, ey? Why else would I write about myself in third person, ey?).

Anyway, she gave me the booklet, I brought it with me back to Malmö, and I have now scanned all the pages including the cover.

Enjoy my first “fanzine” (and you’ll have to pardon the lines being so thin and almost unreadable. I simply didn’t know about inking back then).


Fridas Diktasamling omslag


Fridas Poetry collection

 For Maggan and Leif

Happy weding day from Frida

Now all of a sudden my computer is messing with me… I’ll upload the rest when this is sorted… hang on my lovelys!

here we go again…

Inredning sid 1



Hello and congratulaions on your weddingday 

Now the 2 of you will get 2 things that my mom Helena Hjern really likes to get. First she loves poems so I fought (=miss-spelled in swedish) you should like that and then it’s actually like this that I FRIDA ULVEGREN HAVE MADE THIS BOOK BY MY SELF

Pygmeerna sid 2

The Pygmies

Far beyond sea and mountain there they are (I’m giving up on translating the spelling errors) Not many have had the happiness to see them.

But where, when and how could I ever have my greatest wish come true. That I would get even a glimpse of the PYGMIES!!!!

But if I got to see the stunted people beyond sea and mountain I would write hundreds of poems about them and ruin their secret identity.

So I will have to confine myself with what I already know.

But far away beyond sea and mountain that’s where they are.

The Pygmies.

(arrow-text in illustration: Ordinary adult – Ordinary adult pygmie)


6 thoughts on “I was a poet of sorts…

    • haha, märk väl f-y-r-a utropstecken! Tänk att det var en så stark dröm för mig… att få se korta människor? Pygmeerna!!!! hahaHaHhahaHAHaHHAHAHaHhaHaHHaAhaHaHaHa

      …trevligt att du hälsade på lite här i min blogg förresten. ^_^ Fina Thorbjörn.

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