Home away from home. Or just home. I don’t really know anymore…

I’m in Stockholm for my mom’s 50th birthday party. The festivities will begin tomorrow at 17.00. I arrived here early (insanely early! 06.00 early!) this morning.

So what did I do all day, this looong looong day today, you might ask…

Well I was supposed to meet up with this guy, riiight. This cool guy that I know r-e-a-l-l-y well but still don’t know at all… 

We had set a time and place (sort of) and everything, but I just… I just couldn’t.

I don’t get what’s wrong with me!

Well, anyway, my mother called me while I was hiding at a café staring at my phone. She came by and we took a walk and talked about the party, about the guy I was hiding from and of course I told her about the beautiful letter I got from Julie yesterday.

Then after a while my 12 year old sister Matilda came home from school,

so I kidnapped her and took her to Mikael Sols  art show in Old Town. His pictures were big and beautiful (there was a tiny one too, but that one was allready sold). I fell in love with the dinosaur-painting (it had Mikael in it. Mr Sol AND a dinosaur!!! Could it get more awesome than that? I think not.), so much in fact that I’m considering going back there tomorrow before the birthday-shindig and buying it.

But then again, I’m not rich.

But then again again (!) I’m not poor either.

Ah, well well,  we’ll see. I’ll talk it through with Ullis (my older sister).  

When we got back home from the art show and the mandatory hot chocolate n’ muffin at Chokladkoppen, Matilda (the twelve year old sister I mentioned before) drew two pigs for the finale of pig week! I couldn’t be beaten by my kid sister, could I? So I squeezed out two Friday pigs of my own at my mom’s kitchen table.

Then, we didn’t have a scanner and I had left my digi-cam in Malmö, so we did the best we could and used Matildas camera. Uploaded the bad quality pics to my facebook, so if we’re friends there you can check ’em out (and if we aren’t friends there; what’s your m-thr-f-kng problem pal?! don’t you wanna be my friend?! Oh, come ooon… there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m a really really nice person! I swear!).

Pardon me, please… I loose it like that sometimes… of course you dn’t have to be my friend. It’s okay to just stay in the shadows and read this blog every day like a ghost in the machine(?). 

This has been an emotionally unstable day is all I can say.

Matilda was really good company though! God bless ‘er that little clever girl. She’s so much like Chihiro from Spirited away… and Coraline… sweet sweet girl. She allways had a very old soul that girl. Not like Greta (my youngest sister. She’s 7  years old). Greta is a child and might just keep being a child for the rest of her life. They are so much like me and Ullis. Family… I see them far to seldome… *deep sigh*.

I really have to get to bed now. I’m exhausted. Didn’t sleep tonight because of the train ride. I just shifted and shifted and never got comfortable in my seat…

Ahhh, a freshly made bed, what a lovely treat it will be! ^_^

good night my loves, my doves, my piglets

good night all.


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