To do list

Today has been a slow day. I blame it all on the moon of course. Full moon last night if you didn’t notice…

Anyway, what really helps slow days like these are “To do” lists! I just made a fresh one, ’cause the old one was practically checked of anyway.


As you can see I use different colours to separate the tasks on the list. I bought a collection of glittering gel pens at Panduro Hobby about a month ago for this particular reason.

It’s actually one of my favourite things about working with comics… creating the “To do” lists …structuring my work

and then o-n-e  b-y  o-n-e checking of all the tasks on the list! aaahhh, such satisfaction!




aaahhhh… krrrr…. krrrr….. (purring like a kitten)

I also enjoy sending  letters. To my mentors and others. Personalising them with drawings or glitter.

or both. ^_^

Glitter is undescribably satisfying to work with. It’s like mmmagic. ❤


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