Pig! Swine! Come and join the fun!


This week we  (+) celebrate pigs! One pig a day keeps the swine flu away! Draw your own pig and post it to your blog! It’s fun!

My dad used to say there are two kinds of people in this world. The miserable pigs who know what is really going on (and still can’t do anything about it) and the happy pigs who muck about in the mud all their lives. Well, I chose to be a happy pig. He chose to be a miserable pig. Ces’t la vie, I suppose. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Pig! Swine! Come and join the fun!

    • Och grisveckan älskar DIG! Alltid ska jag komma med bullar till mina fina barn i prinsessrummet om aftnarna. Je t’aime mon chere, je t’aime!

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    • Yes! Visst är det GULD! Nu ska jag klicka in på din site och kolla… ^_^

      … jag noterade att din mailadress är “Calliope”… som musan… mycket vackert. kärlek på dig!

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