The page I’m slooowly inking right now. slooowly…

Hey guys! I can draw the insides of an airplane! haHA! Yes! Score!

This page is still “under construction” and I scanned it in colour so you can see some “behind the scenes” of how I first sketch with my blue pen and then ink it methodically.

Fixing up that needs to be done: Ninas eye in the first panel. It’s all messed up… But I’ll leave it like that for now and finish the rest of the page before I start fidgeting with the touch ups.

Flygplan 1

So, the text in english goes a little something like this:

Sitting on the plane to Milan. It’s almost empty. I feel happy and free and thankfull. I’m “missing out” on the court date and wont have to testify in the custody hearing.

I love flying.

Especially like this, at night. It’s so beautifull when you can see all the lights from the citys far below.

-Some coffee miss?

-Yes please!

I’m having coffee alone on the plane to Milan.


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