Book fair

Best of the book fair:

1) Johan Wanloo being so tall IRL. And very easy to chat with. An alltogether funny and susceptible person. ^_^ 

2) Loka Kanarp inviting me to dinner. She’s beautiful. I’ll never ever let you go now Lokan…nevereverever mein liebling Loka. (smider onda planer på att bli av med Edenborgaren) Yeeessss… sheee’s mine now… All miiiine… hsss hsss hsss (=läskigt väsande andetag)

3) Lisa Medin not being as scary as I imagined her to be! But actually friendly! And cool! And wanted to be my friend! at least she said so… maybe that’s just someting you say at a book fair like that… ah, she still scares me a bit. :S

4) Karl Johnsson spontaniously giving me a hug when he understood that I was the peppy comment-girl from his blog. ^_^ A true brother in art and heart! I love Nördbloggen. (see link in blog roll too!)

5) Fabian. And My. For making me family.

6) Meeting the two legendary exiled comiceurs, Jonna Björnstierna and Jan Bielecki. Both of whom were friendly and easygoing.

7) Thomas Olsson giving me his book Rogert. I actually gave the Rogert-book to one of my bestest friends for christmas a year or two ago. Cause I read it and I loved it and I wanted her to read it too. Cause she’d understand. 

But I never bought one for myself to keep.

And now, he just spontaniously came up and gave it to me! (sigh) He never signed it though… Will have to seek him out when I’m in Stockholm sometime and have him honour it with his grace. As Mikael has to do with my copy of Till Alla jag legat med.

Crappiest of the book fair:

1) One day with ass crap tobaco, made me remember why I don’t smoke ass crap tobaco!

2) That I managed to leave the fair with 5 books unsigned (Linas Zelda! Åsas Sayonara Spetember! Whaat?! But I guess it’s one of those Freudian forgetfullness/procrastination-thingies where I wanted a reason to see them both again so badly that I just couldn’t get myself to place my freshly bought copies of their individual books in their hands)


3 thoughts on “Book fair

    • 😀 thnx Rob!
      You are allways welcome to stop by and have a peek at my home sweet home.

      enjoy the works of the Frida! ;D

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