Venice of the north!

I am back in my hometown now. Stockholm, the Venice of the north! (well, we try anyway)

I’ll be staying here until the Göteborg Book Fair 24:th-27:th of September, where I‘ll be found on either one of these four places:

1) The Kolik förlag booth

2) the stage at Seriefrämjandets booth

3) The best and awesomest releasepartys (Galago, Kartago and more).

4) My aunties house. She’s gonna put me up with a bed for the book fair days.

I love having family and friends in other citys! Anna-Karin and Dan (her husband) are such cheerfull people too, so it’ll be the best way of spending 3 GBG nights: guaranteed! ^_^

Today I’m gonna take my sketchpad to a nice coffee place at Södermalm and work through the sketches I made last week. Later this evening I’ll be going to the new Killing-gänget play at Dramaten with my wonderful and inspiring friend Isabella. She sent me a text “wanna go”. I threw my self on the computer and booked train tickets in a flash. So now I’ll be working from home for the rest of the week. Feels really good to get to sit at cafés and draw again, even if I will miss my beloved studio a little.


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