Ärlighet varar längst

Life is about learning how to dance in the rain. It may be stormy and cloudy. We may be in or out of the money. Come rain or come shine.

When you’re standing alone on a dewy meadow, a soft rain trickles on your face. The smell of wet grass and summer nights fill up your entire being. That’s when I hope you dance. I hope you let your toes just barely touch the green underneath you as you sway in the dark under millions of stars.

Only you and nature.

In the eternal



dance. *deep sigh*

I’ve been to Copenhagen, the Preacher-illustrator-guy had his Preacher-originals at home (or was that just his way of trying to get me to come to his place..? haha, Am I being too cynical?) so I said he has to get them for the next time we come for a visit.

We ended up in Kristiania after lunch. Spent a long night with the best of comrades. ^_^

I love you guys!


Tomorrow I’ll probably write something about my progress with the book. Yeah. probably… I LOVE you! haha, I’m wasted… Oh yeah, and Lisa from year one at CAS is moving in with me! She’s awesome. 😀

Oh! That’s right, did I mention I LOVE YOU?! heh. À demain mes amis… à demain.


3 thoughts on “Ärlighet varar längst

  1. HaHahHAHaH, can someone please put an alco-lock on my computer? HaHhaHHAHhaH, I’m so sorry for this post… this was supposed to be a work-blog, damn it! 😉

    • Jag har precis älskat med din blogg skulle jag säga.
      Pöss! ❤

      Ses i Jöttlabörrrj!

      PS, varför är vi inte facebookvänner? va va va? DS

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