Today. Tomorrow.

Today was a good day. Long day, but good day.

I found a perfect face for Olga, one of the side characters of my story.

She was a Russian girl who shared rooms with me in Milan. A very nice girl. She spoke some italian and very little english. I spoke english and no italian at all. The old lady who took care of us spoke only italian and no english at all. 

When I didn’t understand the old lady, she just repeated herself in italian, speaking louder and louder, until she was shouting at the top of her lungs with her face all red and puffy.

Hehe, in retrospect, very funny, but then and there I was just confused frustrated and scared whenever she went off on her shouting frenzies.

Olga came to the rescue sometimes though, translated a word or two in broken english. Thank you for that Olga. 🙂 Hm, yeah, nah, I don’t think she’s reading this blog now… or that she’d even recognize herself in my book (this was 11 years ago, you know…), but I still think it’s important to give thanks to the people who’ve helped us throughout our lives.

And it’s eaqually important to apologise whenever we step on eachothers toes. But most important of all in this life in my oppinion is to choose happiness.

Even if you are dying tomorrow, choose happiness over grieving and complaint.

Choose to have fun.

Choose to appreciate every day you are given.

Did you click on the word important up there? If not, just do it. You’ll thank me. No, you’ll thank dr Randy Pausch. 

Tomorrow is Gimle-day. We will take the train over Öresund and visit our comic-creating collegues in Denmark. I’ve heard that there’s this one guy there who actually drew some chapter of Preacher.

Oh god, can you imagine? I might actually get to see an original drawing from the most awesome comic book series ever!

Preacher was the first graphic novel I read.

Sooo for me, reading it was like being born again.  I once was blind! but now I see. A religious experience to say the least.

I simply didn’t know what a comic could be before that. Didn’t know all the beautiful things you could do within this medium of sequential art.  I only knew comics as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse or the daily funnies from the morning paper. After Preacher I was hooked and have been devouering graphic novel after graphic novel ever since… but I can tell you this much; you never forget your first! ^_^


Rainbows and sunshine to you all!

Live happily ever after,

see beauty in all

and finally I wish you sweet sweet dreams, that really do come true.


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