draw draw draw

nina misslyckad och lyckad

Nina på tunnelbana klädlös

Den här är fin. Men kroppen ser ut som en skyltdockas.

This one is nice. But the body looks lika a manequin doll.

Nina på tunnelbana 2

Nina på stol och med väska

Nina många poser

She’s starting to feel comfortable in my hand now. She’s cute. I like her. But there’s something off-putting about her smile… cant really put my finger on it… it doesn’t look genuine…

Nina penslar

Yuck! She looks creepy!

I’ve started sketching Miriam too. She’s so cool and beautiful… I’m trying to do her justice here, but she just one of those people you have to meet in person to really understand their true and amazing awesomeness. 🙂 This is what I’ve got for you so far.

Miriam röker

Miriam många poser

Angry Miriam at the bottom is the best one. I love her. That pose, her expression. It’s perfect. The trickiest one was the one where her head is tilted back. That’s a wierd angle to draw a face in… weird angle…

G’night. Will be better tomorrow, promise. Tonight I have heavy eyes and a craving for Blood… True Blood… 😉


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