Too late. Up. not sleaping.

 alone at the kollektiv tonight. took a shower. noted that one of my roomies had put up a note on the door, “Have SEX!”.

Well. I was alone, but did my best to please the note. (please a note? that doesn’t make sense… does a note have states of mind? like, could a note be displeased? nahh… But… How can we know for sure?)

This was intresting today when I was drawing. Had it play in the background as I made friends with a new sketchpad.

I really enjoy listening to inspirational speakers while working. It keeps me allert. Makes me feel like I am learning. TED is an awesome website with loads of wonderful speakers. You can find the link to them at the bottom of my blog-roll.

zzzzzzzzzzzz. g’night. I love you. Just so you know. I do. Love you. Even if I don’t say it right out loud when we meet (if we meet?), that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It’s just that if I said I loved you when we met, you’d probably find me odd. strange. peculiar. weird. or worst of all, untruthfull!  D:

but here it is. in it’s entirety.




You complete me.


You had me at HELLOOO!!! AT HELLO I TELL YA! ahhh, “crying hysterically” everthing is so beautifull! ahhuuhuuuhuhuuuu


it’s just a little bit of sentimentality. Hope you don’t mind.

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