‘ssup yall!

Okay… The internet-connection at comic art school has pajjat (=swedish word for broken down). And somehow this connects with the scanner (?), so I can’t show you all the hard work and pathetic attemps at drawing I’ve made… haHA, nooo, some of the sketches I made today were actually pretty good. But I guess for now you’ll just have to take my word for it. 😉

So, what have I been doing these two internet-free days besides from drawing till my hands bled? Weeell, a whole lot of stuff actually! I have  fanzine-pysslat (=swedish word for keeping busy with something creative). However, someone stole our hammer at school (?), so learning from the great master of pyssling I took matter in own hands and used a tape-dispenser for hammering holes in my zines. Now I have something like… 20? swedish  Min Stockholmsdagbok and 20 transated to english (My Stockholm diary). Hand-sewn, individually coloured (by hand!), and filled with 12 pages of Frida-stories! ^_^

I then wrote some letters and sent out copys to 4 important people. Julie Doucet, ’cause she’s my constant inspiration and lovely mentor. Mikael Sol, ’cause he writes funny and beautiful reviews of fanzines for Bild och Bubbla. One for my ex, of course. Aaand one for a certain poet… ❤

Oh! that’s right! I almost forgot! Yesterday I had a totally unprepared workshop/presentation at CAS for a group from a place in Jöttubörrrj called Grunden it went lovely, they even applauded me spontaniously when I was leaving! haHhahhahAHha, LOVELY!

And today I was interviewed by some students making a tv-reportage/commentary on comic-creating and CAS.

They had apparently called you-tube to come and film it.


 (have you seen the TV-series The office -US-version? I was just refering to an awesome quote from Michael Scott (Michael! Lovelovelove!!!). I think it’s in like season 4 or something… hehe, yeah… I sure do love that series…if you haven’t seen it you really should! eat your way through season 1 and 2 and by the third you’ll be hooked 4 life. Je te le promes.)

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