Today many trials and tribulations with words and Minoltan

I have been translating my comics today.  Re-texting them. So now i have two sets of originals, one in inglese and one a’ suedoise.

And I’ve also been putting together a fanzine. Trying to make it perfect, choosing the right kind of paper for the cover, testing different colouring techniques for it, finally deciding on something very simplistic, almost no colour at all. Let the black and white speak for itself, you know. I’ve been at our copying-machine, the Minolta, for some hours now and I’m finally down with it. We’re like this now! 😀 heh…

And of course the fanzines will have hand-sewn spines. That’s just the way I roll. I am considering something with glitter… purrrhaaaps… ’cause I often roll with glitter too, ya know… Not sure yet though.

Anyway, this is one of the pages I translated today:

Hey, B! It’s the epilogue for you!  😉

Epilog Färdig Engelska

B, I’ll send you the first copy of my fanzine as sort of a peace-offering, aight?



4 thoughts on “Today many trials and tribulations with words and Minoltan

  1. broke up with R today though. shit happens. He’s a damn fine man, I can tell ya that much! But it’s better this way. For the both of us. No regrets, no tears, no bitterness. Just a very pleasant farewell!

    • ahhm…
      I don’t know…

      are you a spammer? if you’re not, welcome my dear!
      great to have you!
      hope you can figure out that rss-feed-thingie on your own, cause I’m no wizz-kid… 🙂

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