Je travallie encore!

This weekend I spent in my hometown Stockholm, le capital de Suede (that was my poor atempt at expressing myself in french…please feel free to correct me if you know better!), aaand it was purrrrfect! mmmraouw! ^_^

I got to eat birthday cake (not my birthday: check out blogpost from 2/9-2009!),

I got to see all three of my sisters (LOVE),

I got sleep in (two mornings in a row!),

I got to wake up to breakfast in bed (both of those mornings!)

AND I got to have my portrait painted! Mm-mm-mmm… Can’t wait to model for that painter again… such a beautiful concentration in his face… ah, men at work! To die for, I tell ya, to die for!

Anyway, ‘nough said ’bout handsome men…

On to more important things, such as My Work! Today I drew the title page for “Am I a Good Girl now?” and this is the result. I made an english and a swedish version.

Är jag duktig nu mamma TITELSIDA

Then I began sketching the epilogue for “A home in your heart” and this is where I’ve gotten so far:


Oh yeah, one more thing! Of course, “A home in your heart” shall be completely left-hand-drawn, so I’m sketching it with little miss Leftie, my new bestest friend in tha whooole wide whurrrld! 😀

Now it’s back to the drawing table for me, arbeit, travaille, work, arbeta, trabajo, εργασία! YEAHYEAHYEAH, n’ I maddafrikking love it! ^_^


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