Something I never told him… Drawn with my new love: miss Leftie!

Yes, you heard it right! (Ja, Du hörde rätt!) Frida did it again!

Amaaaaziiing! is what they’re saying ’bout her left hand drawing-skills.  😀

Elden VänsterSerie 1

Translation, for YOUR Pllleeeeaaasuuurrrre:

This is something I never told him. (You’ll see what this is referring to on page 2… tomorrow!)

Bubble: Heeeyyy honey! I bought some boxes at IKEA today… ‘s it okay if I organize a bit? Just so I can fit my stuff!

Phone bubble: Mmm… sure.


What… Is this?

His ex

That woman… that he  Cried over… She… who clawed herself inside Deep under his skin.

Floating vibrant text: The hatefull bitch in me awakens

The last textline is in part a quote from one of the b-b-bestest monologues ever written; It’s Kassandra speaking of Klytaimestra in  Agamemnon by Aischylos. Ah, it is a lovely read! This link is to the Swedish translation… ’cause I’m from Sweden… and also because when I played it, I did it in swedish… so I kind of fell in love with the frasings.

Den hatiska hyndans tunga, som i det fördolda, likt den svarta Ate, smider onda planer, Som går i fruktansvärd uppfyllelse! Hon törs det verkligen! Kvinnan dräper mannen!

Crazy awesome shit!

Okay, just to clearify, there will be a page 2 of this story.

I just haven’t drawn it yet.

Miss Leftie is a hard worker, yes, but she’s still a bit slower than her sister lady Right.

Hopefully I’ll have pg 2 up for ya by 2-morrows eve!

Au revoir, mes amis! Je vous aime ❤


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