When you work at your drawing table 24/7 for two weeks straight, you will eventually experience some discomfort in your drawing-hand and arm…

So, clever as I am (!) , I figured I should get my left hand to work for me as well as the right one. That way I can just change hands when my sweet miss rightie is all worked out!        


(I really like that smiley, its “thumbs-up-smiley”, if you couldn’t see that.)


On the train between Malmö and Stockholm I began my mission towards Leftie-perfection.

Theese are the first pages. Straight out of my sketchbook.

Vänster Skiss

Writing text was harder than drawing.

The lines when I drew got all scratchy-like. Need to work on getting them fine and steady instead.

Vänster skiss 2

Looks better than I expected at least! And considering this was drawn on a bumpy train I am actually quite impressed with the outcome!

Vänster skiss 3

Now I’m all of a sudden set on drawing a short comic with my newborn baby, my darling, miss leftie.

I will watch her grow and evolve, becoming steadier and steadier, and soon enough she will be speaking fluently in the language of the lines.




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