A journey back in time

Titelsida tidsresan


Today I finnished this page. It will be in the beginning of the book, connecting the prologue with the first chapter. The prologue takes place in 2008 at Bokmässan i Göteborg. Then my story will take you back to 1997 where I am 13 years old. The year when my wish to get away from it all eventually took me on a journey through a strange enchanted world. The model industry.

I wanted this page to work in both the swedish version of my book as well as in the english translation, so inspired by my lovely mentor Julie Doucet I chose to do it bilingual. Does it work, you think?  I like it. It’s kind of educational, isn’t it?

Love and kisses to you all! May the force be with you.


4 thoughts on “A journey back in time

    • HahaHAhHAHAHHAhaHAHAhah! vadå neeej?! Det är ju as-snyggt!

      Hittade du en lödkolv eller? du är en knasboll… ses på fredagsfikat om inte förr va? Kramkram!

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