My very first comic!

Ibland orkar man bara inte försök nr 2

Okay, so this isn’t exactly what it looked like.

I had to try and recreate the format of the panels from memory, ’cause I only saved the original drawings, not the printout or the digital file with the finished page.

You see, the way I went about making this comic was to draw each panel on an A4-size paper and then run them through my scanner and then finally pasting them together in photoshop, resizing them to the suitable size. And as a finnish I used the paintbucket-tool to emphasise the bugger on the blonde girls cheek.

Ibland orkar man bara inte

Why did I start drawing comics? Well the beautiful darkhaired lady with the grumpy face above was my inspiration actually.

She is Bella.

Isabella Rodriguez.

One of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met in my life.  She put graphic novels in my hand and taught me all the basics about the artform. It was like being reborn. 

Her face is so strong, with that marked jaw line, those full pouty lips, that interesting nose… I only wanted to draw Her, all the time. Tell stories with Her.

Oh! She was my muse! I didn’t reflect on it at the time, but she truly was!

When I finally went about making a real comic (the one above) I used her and myself to create the characters for it. Of course she was to be the raw, cool and intelligent character. I, on the other hand, became the stupid, girly and painfully annoying blonde. Just to clearify though, the above sequence never actually took place. We were the best of friends. And still are, for that matter. 

I love you Bella. Thank you for all that you’ve given me.


4 thoughts on “My very first comic!

  1. Vad bra du tecknar. Jättebra bilder. Jag gillar de långsmala kropparna och det lita kantiga sätt på vilket de sitter. Du är duktig!

    • Jag var väldigt förtjust i Aeon Flux (den tecknade serien som gick på MTV) som liten flicka. Långsmala spindelliknande kroppar. Kantigt och underligt. Men till boken tecknar jag inte så. Jag tycker om att pröva olika stilar, överraska mig själv inför varje nytt projekt. Tack för uppmuntran! Härligt att du gillar’t! ^_^

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