Quitters never win & Winners never quit!

Prologen sid 1 i stort sett färdig

The first days of this new school term I have been kind of manic. Stayed at my drawing table until 05.30 the first day and then went in for an all-day-all-nighter the day after that too. Which of course resulted in a minor crash that made me oversleep until 15.00 on the third day. -.^ 
But as we say here in Sweden, “Det gäller att smida medan järnet är varmt!” How does that translate..? ahm aahh… hold on… (asking me lurvley mates) T. Wadbro saves the day and gives me the right translation! “Temper while the steel is still hot!” Thats’s the saying I was thinking of. Anywhoo, I almost finished the first page of the prologue and started working on the second page too. I scanned it in blue-pen so you can see a portion of my workprocess.
 Prologen sid 2 mitt i arbetet

2 thoughts on “Quitters never win & Winners never quit!

  1. aaargh! va står d i rutorna??? vill läsa ju! kanske kan texta liiiite mörkare i alla fall, så man kan se vad d ska stå?

    • hehe, teeextaaa? det är ju DITT jobb gurko! ;D
      Den här sidan tillsammans med fler kommer på posten, så snart du plitat ihop de första sidorna…
      Partners in crime, ey ey ey, sister dear? ❤

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