Monster of the day nr 5 and 6


What’s the story? Well, Fluffy is on some sort of stage, and she’s chained by the ancle. There’s probably more to this than just a snapshot picture. Maybe her story will be told someday. For now we leave her up there on the stage, alone and blue with only the cool winter air from that barred window to keep her company.
This monster was supposed to be a happy and pleasant monster. It was perfect, until I asked Isabella to name it for me. And she came up with the name “Phedophilio”.  Suddenly I had the most horrible monster of all on the page in front of me and of course I had to draw some sad children by his side…

3 thoughts on “Monster of the day nr 5 and 6

  1. Men du rå! DIN blogg rå! Den är ju bäst och finast! 😀

    Jag läste svaret och gillade’t!

    (för er som inte läst Johannas blogg om ord, klicka genast på länken i min bloggroll och njuuut!!!)

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