Part 7 of my New York trip (last part!) (or is it..?)

Since I am nowadays living with my wonderful sister, my daily computer-time has become limited. Sister dear allows me 5-15 minutes tops. and that´s only when she’s in the shower or out on some errand. Resons for this? ’cause it’s so boring if I’m in front of the computer when we should be hanging out! Anywhoo, ‘nough complaining and explaining, here’s what I think will probably be the last part of my New York-trip-blogging.

There are still many stories to tell from the city of citys, but I think I’ll save them for IRL-telling instead.

And it’s time to post some more workrelated stuff by now! ^_^ So enjoy this last vid, with translated commentary below!


Cool architecture! The moon model. (said in swedish) 

The moon model. It feels like I am in the future.

Just walking in the future! waowaowaooo! science fiction!

check it out, it’s so bright and white in here. You’ve been like walking in this dark museum all day and then you just end up on the moon!

Yeah. Down there are som people… it’s like films that are moving in those… yeah you get it… (no, it doesn’t make more sense in swedish… and please don’t ask me to explain myself… I am a rambling fool sometimes… I admit it.)

Ah, look at this. Cool! Five billion years ago. aaahhh!

So cool architecture here! I love cool architecture!

I wonder if I am gonna come up inside of that thing soon… yeah, looks like it.

You walk like in a spiral here… Yeah, it’s like the peel of an apple that I am walking in. If you peel the apple that way… you know, with a potato-peeler. Yes, it could be a potato-peel too! (huh?)

Yeah, check this out. We go on. Beautiful pillars. Outside we see some green. From the park. Ah! Awesome!

Yeah and Now! Here! I am going to get inside of this ball that I’ve been walking up to! iiih!


can’t enter here… offcourse… “Do not enter” offcourse.

Yes, so, would you look at that! Big high windows. As big as Cosmonova.

naaaw, this has to be bigger than Cosmonova.

And this is how far it is down to the ground. aaaah! freaky baby!

yep. How beautiful it was out there too… I don’t know if you can see this, but there’s a small child playing on a lawn and then there is a… water in the middle there.

I wonder how you get out there.

There has to be a way to get out there.

I want to go out there…

hm… how did they get over to that part?

why am I on this… this apple-peal..? hm… yeah, we’ll see. there might be another film later.

Ciao ciao!


6 thoughts on “Part 7 of my New York trip (last part!) (or is it..?)

  1. Du skrev att du blev förvirrad och nyfiken av det jag skrev, och då det är de två finaste saker man kan vara blev jag mycket smickrad. Samtidigt, nu när jag kollat runt på din blogg, kan jag inte annat än att säga detsamma.

    • Hehe, ja, men så festligt! Förvirring och nyfikenhet är ju två mycket intressanta tillstånd av varande…
      Då fortsätter vi väl med det, du och jag, att sprida förvirring och nyfikenhet i bloggosfären! 😉

      Fint att du tittade in här, på återseende får man hoppas.

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