New York-trip part 6


Me and Johan went to the Museum of Natural History in New York. We split up in there ’cause we both wanted to explore on our own and desided to meet up outside afterwards. 

I offcourse got carried away with my camera when I found the dinosaur-rooms… aaand, yes, I used up almost all of my battery on videos of dino’s… and then I could’nt charge it ’cause my Europe/US-converter didn’t work with my charger… but I still like these little films though!

Sooo here they are! Enjoy!

translation of my excellent and interesting commentary:

“This is a Lestodon.

damtam damtam damtam wwoooaaahhhh!

Look at how big it is. Sooo big!”

“This is a cosy little old man… Yeah.

It is called… ahmahh…

Oh there it is, Glyptothterium.

something like that…


“This, this is like  a really big anteater.

As you can see on this picture.

Look. Just like an anteater. But bigger.


“I dont know if you guys remember, but in that film “Night at the Museum”, these ahhhm… come alive.

They’re biiig. Awsome-cool. Here’s another one.

But they’re kinda nice in the film the way I remember it…

Oh. Impressive.

Hugha! That one. Check it out.

Pretty awesome!”

“This is a small dinosaur. You can see compared to me…

Ahm, I’m a little bit bigger, so this one I could probably take…

If I met it I would probably survive I mean…

well I don’t even know if it’s a carnivore, maybe it says down here…
Plant eater! Hah! He’s a vegetarian just like me!”

Okay, so you get the drift of what I’m saying in these… I’ll translate some more if I say something other than “awesome” or “cool” in the rest of ’em…

“Yep, so, I don’t have much battery left now on my camera. But I’m filming like the last stuff now.

I just met a guy called Ernesto and he’s like this real New Yorker.

And, yeah, he told me a little about New York and I told him a little about me. It was fun. That’s just what happens when you’re at a museum.

Yeah, sorry about that beeping sound, some alarm broke out offcourse.

And these are som animals that died. This is what it looks like when its lying down, being dead.

But this is just a model of it though. Yeah, cool.

And this is called… Aha! co-el-o-phy-sis.

Coelophysis I guess. Nice. Yeah.

Okay, so this is the last filming from the Museum of Natural History that I’ll be able to shoot, but I got the dinosaur-rooms at least. It felt important to get the dinosaur-rooms.

 Outside that window we can see this beautiful house… Well no, you can’t really see it ’cause it’s too bright outside, but there is some really great architecture outside.

Ahhhmahh okay then.

Ciao Ciao!”

This was not the last video from the museum though. No I actually had a liiittle bit of battery left and made two more vid’s! ^_^ But I’m saving them for the next post ’cause my sister is getting bored with me sitting in front of the computer blogging and blogging ’till no end… “Will it ever end?” she asks me. “Never sister” I say. “Never ever.”



It was a slow summers day in Central Park. We read newly bought comic books.

Johan drew his little stories as allways. A young girl (10 years old maybe) tried too peek over his shoulder when he drew. He never noticed her and when she saw that I was watching her, she got embarrassed and snuck off.


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