Frida filmar! Iceland Keflavik!

Yeah, sorry about the commentary being in Swedish… Next trip I’ll definately do them in english!

Here’s a quick translation of what I’m saying in the first vid:

“Yep. This is Johan and me, we’re out on a little walk. We are in Keflavik. We thought we were gonna be in New York right now, but instead we got a complimentary hotelnight in Keflavik on Iceland.

It’s beautiful and grey. And very… barren. We just had dinner. It was a lovely buffé with a really tasty fish gratin. Johan had something with meat. And there was a pasta-salad too.

There’s not really that much going on in Keflavik. Kind of dead-ish. But it’s cool anyhow! Yeah. As you can see. Cool.”

And here’s a quick translate of the second vid:

“Now we’ve found the sea. And… ahm. There it is. Now I’m gonna run across the road, here. po po po po po…

Yes, so here it is! The big grey.

That’s a beautiful…ahm…not a statue… ah what’s it called? that other thing… yeah you know. This is the sea. Stones and Rocks. Johan. Et moi! mhmm! Now I have to shut the camera of ’cause I’m gonna go down and climb on those big rocks too. Oh, check out the bird down there… No, you can’t see it… ah, whatever. 

This is so awesome! This is’nt New York! This is the absolute opposite of New York! AWESOME!”

Now that I’ve given you translations of the first 2 videos you probably have enough Swedish words to decode these following vid’s. Test yourself! If it’s too difficult, just write me a comment and I’ll give you a helping hand... 🙂

 Soon, soon, my little goslings, I will post part 6 of my New York-trip…

I just had to try out my new “video-upgrade” first…  ^_^

Love love love//Friduchitita ❤


7 thoughts on “Frida filmar! Iceland Keflavik!

    • Christer Christer,
      vilken happy-twister!
      Jag diggar att jobba med dig min bror
      för var dag en fin vänskap gror! ^_^

      C ya soon ChrissieChris 😉

      PS. Jag ska så klart undersöka länken du lämnat i kommentaren… DS.
      PPS. När får jag läsa din bok då? Frida är nyyyfiiikeeeen! DDS.

    • En helt fantastisk plats. Ett paket cigg kostade 700 kronor. Havet och de dystra tysta husen satte längtan i själen. mmm… Någon gång kanske jag återvänder.

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