New York-trip part 5


In New York people are, in general, funny.

And (!) they, in general, own Sharpies.

So when loitering about in the NYC-subway one can find amusing little works of funnyness like these to entertain you in waiting for the next train.

Oh EFF. You can’t read the sharpie-text, right? blarch.. I h-a-v-e to figure this “click and make it larger”-function out. Gah! Anyway, bygones.


Ah, a typical train-ride in the NYC metro! See the cheerful mexicans with their picturesque little banjo’s? Okay, no, maybe they’re not banjo’s. And okay, no, maybe they’re not Mexicans, but I just had to sneak my camera out anyway.

Well, as you can see in this picture the normal New Yorker-reaction to these happy fellas should have been to discreetly look away… I’m getting there, just have to stop getting so excited over everything. 😉


Like Times square! Oh, what an energy-sucking place! We sat down on the chairs in the middle of the street. With all the noise and the trafic around us. And all the neonlights and commercial-screens above us. We were s-l-o-w-l-y d-r-a-i-n-e-d by the cacophony of it all… just sat there… me and Johan… for hours. At least Johan had the strenght to draw while sitting there.

I just felt sooo heavy… And numb… And willingless. 



Yes, this picture is from before we sat down. When I still had some spark of life in me! We were on our way somewhere, to do something.

We were just gonna sit for a few minutes. Have a smoke and be on our way… 

A very strange enchanted place, that square is…


ooops…sorry, I just can’t figure out how to get this flipped in the correct position right now. Sorry! 😛


The Central Park-squirrel who really wanted to be a model.



Oh god, he’s such a poser!


God, stop it! Look at ‘im! His head a bit to the side like that, trying to look cute…Who are you, squirrel?! Yuck!


Jesus, why do I have like 10 pics of this little fella in my cam..? 😛


That’s enough now, Frida. No more squirrel-pictures, m’key?!

The CP-park is really beautiful. We found a big open lawn where we sat for a couple of hours. Drawing, reading, writing… You know, the kind of stuff us artists do. ^_^



It was very still. Quiet and peaceful. New York truly is the city of contrasts.


My squinting-look… Hey! It actally looks like I have a muscle there on my arm, doesn’t it? 😀

nah, it’s just my shoulder in a wierd angle… :/


We were going to an outdoor concert in Prospect Park that evening, so we left CP and went for a stroll around Manhattan with an eye out for a nice place to eat. Not before long an old man approached us.

He wished to help us. He gave us a suggestion of a really good Italian restaurant on Amsterdam ave. Not pricy at all, lovely service and excellent food! ^_^

I love the people of New York! They’re like sweet angels of freindlyness every one of ’em!


I wrote down a short conversation we had at this restaurant. I have it somewhere… It was something about a very small jacket hanging at the coat rack in the corner. I’ll find it, draw a comic out of it and upload it here… when I get some time off from work and socializing… sooo that would be approaximately… sometime this fall/winter?

Okay, that’s all for now, in part 6 we’ll be visiting the Museum of Natural History.

I got a bit over-excited and used up all of my camera-battery making little films of all the cool dinosaur-skeletons… Silly girl! ^_^

Oh, and in part 6 you will see at least 1 pic of a really sweet guy who charmed my heart away… 😉


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