New York-trip part 4: leaving Iceland


After taking in some happyjuice at Keflavik airport Fridas flyingfright is gooone with the wind…

Soon enough Johan starts rambling about airplanes being the creators of humankind, since they obviously needed our feces to survive… huh? Well, it didn’t sound clever at the time… and it still doesn’t sound clever today… but Johan got his creativity fired up and drew a comic about it anyway! ^_^

This is the genius at work



I needed some referens-photos for My Stockholm Diary (working title only!) from the insides of a plane, ’cause the next scene I am drawing is when I am on the plane to Milan.

In this pic I had just been crying my eyes out too the film Australia, everything was sooo beautiful and touching! :’) (I think I was PMS:ing pretty bad…)

I remember thinking that I really want to meet a man who looks at me like that, with that caring, serious and loving look in his eyes.



HaHA! In NEW YORK CITY! Subway! Woohaaa!


Our hostelbooking was gone…we were sudenly homeless in NYC…but as you can see on the pic above, I’m feelin’ pretty damn fantastic anyway!  😀

And just as our broken-Iceland-plane-incident, this would turn out to be a blessing in disguise!


Johan met this amazing couple at the MoCCA-festival who offered us their sofa-bed until we found a new place to stay. They lived in Brooklyn and it was, ah! all I ever wanted! perfect! They were so friendly and helpful, gave us directions to the BEST BREAKFAST PLACE EVER in Brooklyn!


That’s a Latte, an Almond-croissant (is there anywhere in Sweden where you could get an almond-croissant? they were insanely delicious!), and Granola with fresh fruit. Sooo perfect! The fruits were so ripe and sweet! With vanilla-yoghurt and cinemon-granola underneath! I have to get back there some day. It was p-e-r-f-e-c-t. PERFECT! GAWD, can life really be this good? Well, I guess it can… I even got to meet a guy with that caring, serious and loving look in his eyes… “anything you want, you got it” was definitely the themesong of this adventurous trip.


Brooklyn street-art is the coolest.


This restaurant i B-lyn was f-ck-ass-expensive, but they had a smoking-area where you could sit and play with your bare feet in the cool summer-grass…so it was worth every penny. Penny? What’s a penny? I never saw any pennys in NY, did I..?


Do I look tired? Mellow? Well, I was in great company and had a really nice time, but there were a couple of guys that I really missed this evening… but that’s another story. For now it’s “see you soon”…


Coming up in part 5: tourist-day in the city of citys ❤


2 thoughts on “New York-trip part 4: leaving Iceland

  1. you ordered my two favorite things!

    some movie was shooting a parade scene in our neighborhood last week, and they paid champion coffee to shut down for three days. three days without granola or almond croissants! i didn’t think i was going to make it.

    • haha! 3 whole days just for some silly filmshoot! GAH! 😉

      But imagine my frustration then…
      I had a taste of heaven
      and then I had to leave it! :-[]

      Hope to see you in april 2010 for SPX!
      Would really love sooo much to have you guys over and return your wonderful hospitality ❤

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