New York-trip part 3: Blue Lagoon


We travel through a dark lavarock-landscape. Then blue blue water! Steaming from the volcanic heat! In the middle of Mordor-land, a magical lagoon!


Okay, my camera doesn’t really do the colour of the water justice… it was really really brightblue! 😀


Yeah yeah, I know, we look wack on this pic. But we were sooo happy! (contents of plastic bag: two Hotel-towels for drying off after the swim…)


The chill of the Icelandic air and the black rocks surrounding the lagoon in contrast to the volcanohot smooth blue water… ah… well I can only say that this was a truly religious experience. I saw God that morning. 4 real my peeps, I saw the lord our saviour right then and there. ^_^


No no no! Don’t be getting no funny ideas folks! This is a special mineralrich mud that the blue lagoon produces and it’s supposed to be rejuvenating for your skin. All I can say is that I feel younger than ever right now, so something was working the way it was supposed to I guess. 🙂


The sun! It just shone through the grey skies all of a sudden and made the living gay!


Love love love! Thank you existence, god, allah, whatever! This was so much more than I could ever have asked for!


I insisted on a group-picture of the whole gang. Look at them, look at us, aren’t we the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?! AH! Me and Johan were joking around about us being the perfect persona-gallery-set-up for one of those mystery-storys, you know? Agatha Christie-style. ^_^ I offcourse would be the innocent happy young girl who would be found murdered the following day. hehe. Perfect mix of people! ❤


This is Iceland. Ain’t no place in the world like it. Our cab-driver-girl took us on a nice extra tour down to the harbour and the Viking-museum, free of charge. She just really wanted us to see it! The humanity (haha, but purely in a positive sense)! Halelulja! 😀


Good bye Iceland, thank you for everything. This is a place everybody should visit at least once in their life.

Finishing off part 3 with a pic of one of the beautiful roof-ornaments of Keflavik International Airport. Enjoy!


In part 4: Frida takes her happy-juice before the plane is boarding… Johan gets an amazing epiphany about the metabolism of airplanes…  -^

to be continued… 😉


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