New York-trip part 2: Stuck on Iceland


This is not New York.

Well, we survived the first planetrip, but got so delayed from Copenhagen that we missed our connecting flight. IcelandAir hooked us up with a nice bustrip to the Flughotel in Keflavik… DSC01264DSC01265

Johan stated that we had been on the same plane as Twisted sister. Our “missed the connecting flight”-gruop was amazing! What a great bunch! Ah, the Americans! They’re so funny and friendly and chill and nice! I fell in love with them all!

In Iceland the “Herr Gårman”-signs were blue and yellow, just like our flag! How apropriate on Swedens national-day 6/6!


Me and Johan took a walk through the streets of Keflavik city. I filmed the experience (with awesome Frida-commentary offcourse) but WordPress doesn’t seem to like my fileformat on those flicks… so I guess I’ll have to save them for later… They’re really nice though! Wish I could show ’em to you now! Blah, I’ll work on it… coming up laters, aaaight?


The breakfast at the Flughotel was superb!

But the coffee…


“Sis isn’t koffi, sis is braun vater!” (-Bagdad Cafe)


This really sweet honeymoon-couple from our “missed the connecting flight”-group had arranged a trip to the Blue Lagoon  for the hole lot of us.

God I love those guys! I filmed some more and took a bunch of pics from there

To be continued in part 3 though… gotta get some shut-eye now… ^_^


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